Welcome to the Greenfinches Class! 


Teacher: Remie Montgomery

TAs: Lois Carlisle and Nicola Kirk

Mid Day Leader: Janice Stockton


Hairy, Scary Beast

It has been an amazing half term in the Greenfinches! We have joined in with lots of amazing learning opportunities, visited the chicks and enjoyed celebrating Number Day and Chinese New Year.

In English, we have been exploring our new story ‘The Gruffalo’. We enjoyed making our own Gruffalo characters using split pins and we have also had fun sequencing the story. We have thoroughly enjoyed this story and it has been one of our favourites so far!

In Science, we have been exploring animals and their habitats. We have enjoyed talking about our own pets that we have at home and discussing how we care for them. We have had our own veterinary clinic role play area in the classroom which we have enjoyed during both learning time and choosing time. We have also enjoyed sorting animals to their correct habitat. We even had the amazing opportunity to visit the chicks and stroke them, we also received certificates for naming all of the six chicks.

In Computing, we have enjoyed exploring cameras. We have practiced taking photos using both landscape and portrait positioning, taking photos of ourselves and others and then adding funny effects afterwards!

It has been a great half term and we thank you for all of your support, from the Greenfinches Team.


At Halcyon Way we use Signalong as a part of a Total Communication Approach, we are constantly using core vocabulary with the children to support their language development and then through each of our topics we introduce new signs and language, which extends their vocabulary further. We also have two “Signs of the Week” which helps maintain and extend key knowledge and skills of everyday vocabulary.

Each half term we will be creating a short video showcasing and demonstrating signs relavent for the current term so that you can learn the signs and further this learning at home.

Click play to watch this half terms Signalong video!


If your child has a school dinner, the school menus can be accessed by clicking here. For children who bring a packed lunch, please remember to provide healthy and balanced options. We are a Healthy School and will be focusing on healthy eating and how children can make healthy lifestyle choices.

How You Can Help at Home


In Science this half term we will be learning all about animals and their habitats. To support your child with their learning, if you have a pet you could discuss the way you care for your pet such as feeding them, giving them water, a bed to sleep in, taking them on walks, to the groomers, to the vets etc. Alternatively, you could identify animals out in the local environment such as squirrels, birds, dogs on dog walks, cats etc. You could discuss what their home/habitat might look like.


In Computing we will be learning about how to take digital photos. We will be using the iPads to take ‘portrait’ and ‘landscape’ photos, we will experiment with effects and using flash. If you have a device at home that your child could use to practice taking ‘good quality’ photos this would be a great support to their Computing skills! It would be lovely to see any photos taken if you could send them on Seesaw and we can show the rest of the class.


In RE, we will be identifying where we feel a sense of belonging. This could be to our family, school, a sports club etc. You could support your child with this by talking about who is in your family and what relation they have to your child.

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