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What Our Parents Say

"I am happy that Halcyon Way is the right place for my child, I am pleased with how they are doing in their learning. I am happy where my child is and wanted them to feel like they belong and I feel that my child is in the right place and I am so glad that my child has come to Halcyon Way."

"My child loves coming to school and I can see how much he has loved it when he gets home."

"I am happy, I love Seesaw and feel so much better now that my child is at Halcyon Way."

"I am shocked at how well my child has settled in, family are saying that they have seen a change, they look happier. I love the amount of communication I am receiving from school."

"At first my child was quiet, they had been very attached to the teachers and friends at their previous school, it has taken some time but now my child is talking about the class staff. My child is blossoming, they are improving in a lot of areas - their confidence, their learning,  and they are opening up and they are happy."

"I am happy my child has settled in well, they have learnt so much since they have started, they are asking questions on the royal family which is such a big difference from mainstream."

Message from the Executive Principal 

Welcome to Halcyon Way’s website.

Halcyon Way is a high quality provision based on the defining principles that underpin Kingfisher Learning Trust and the practice of Kingfisher Special School. It opened in January 2022, initially for 40 pupils, from September 2022 there will be places for 80 children, increasing year on year up until we reach our capacity of 140. Halcyon Way is a free school for children aged 4-11 years, with a Nursery and 2 year old provision being planned for in the future. The school caters for children with Severe to Moderate Learning Difficulties (SLD – MLD), including needs associated with Speech, Language and Communication needs (SLCN). All children will have an Education and Health Care Plan (EHCP) or be undergoing an EHC needs assessment. As part of Kingfisher Learning Trust, the school encompasses the Trust’s vision for ‘Endless Possibilities’, working creatively to find the best possible approaches in all aspects of its provision.

At Halcyon Way, innovative approaches, collaborated by a multi-agency team, supports the children in getting ready for learning, ensuring the provision meets every child’s needs – whatever challenges they face. Provision is continually developed with a clarity of expectation in terms of high aspirations for the children and underpinning rationales.

Halcyon Way is a values-led school, with everyday practice underpinned by the values of Kingfisher Learning Trust:

 Aspiration, Integrity & Respect

(Pursue the best – Be the best – Think the best).

The values of Halcyon Way are depicted as tree roots – the foundations of all that we aspire to be in our relationships, behaviour and school culture:

Respect; Opportunity; Originality; Trust; Success.

On the leaves of the tree are the outcomes to which we aspire to for the children and staff to be: Safe Happy Learners. The Trust’s vision is for Endless Possibilities and to ensure this, the School’s Vision is to be: A Place of Learning.

Children are valued as individuals (regardless of gender, race, disability) – developing their strengths and addressing any past negative experiences, with opportunities to develop the confidence to take a full and active part of school life, planned through an innovative and creative core curriculum and personalised learning plans (linked to EHC Plans). Wellbeing and the development of essential skills through early intervention strategies give children the greatest life-chances. Children are enabled to be included into society as confident, self-assured citizens with belief in themselves.

Families have positive supported relationships with the school and are involved in building the necessary foundations in their child’s education, empowering them to make choices about their lives and how they can support their development at home. Personalised plans, progress and achievements are shared and celebrated during each child’s learning plan.

It is a very exciting time to be leading the setup and opening of a brand new school and we have really enjoyed welcoming the children and their families into the amazing new building. It is also a great opportunity for children with SEND and their families from across Oldham, to become part of the Trust family where we endeavour to create learning environments that match the individual needs of all children whilst offering an exciting, innovative and creative curriculum which allows them to learn and make progress in the best ways possible.

I continue to look forward to working with new children and their families on the next step of their learning journey at Halcyon Way.

Many Thanks,

Sue Caine

School uniform is available from Goodies  – Please click here