Our Values and Vision

The Values and Vision of Halcyon Way School are depicted on the School’s tree.

As a values-led school, we underpin our everyday practice with the values of Kingfisher Learning Trust – Aspiration, Integrity & Respect.

The values of Halcyon Way are depicted as tree roots – the foundations of all that we aspire to be in our relationships, behaviour and school culture. We help the children in growing the roots below as they start on their learning journey. Values are a gift we can give the children, developing their wings and the confidence to spread them and let them fly onto the next stage of their learning journey.

  • Respect
  • Opportunity
  • Originality
  • Trust
  • Success

The School’s Values link to the British Values which helps the children in gaining an understanding of what these look like in practice:

  • Democracy
  • The rule of law
  • Individual liberty
  • Mutual respect
  • Tolerance of those of different faiths and beliefs

On the leaves of the tree are the outcomes we aspire for the children and staff to be:

  • Safe Happy Learners

The Trust’s vision is for Endless Possibilities and to ensure this, the School’s Vision is to be:

  • A Place of Learning

The children have their own class tree and each week, we all work towards a SMILES target. We introduce this at the beginning of the week in our Class Assembly. The children that progress towards this target receive a leaf that goes on their class tree. One child from each class shares this with the whole school community in our end of week assembly as they place their leaf on the school tree.

Each staff team collaboratively develops a vision for their team at the beginning of the school year to agree what their professional behaviours could/will look like; how they will communicate, resolve issues and underpin their work with the school’s values and be able to articulate them to a wider audience. A planned session is facilitated at the beginning of each term to further develop this work and advance and refine our values-led practice through reflection.  

This ensures that all our work at Halcyon Way is joined up and every week we consider our vision and values tree. 

Roots & Wings

If I had two wishes, I know what they would be,
I’d wish for Roots to cling to, and Wings to set me free;
Roots of inner values, like rings within a tree,
and Wings of independence to seek my destiny.
Roots to hold forever to keep me safe and strong,
To let me know you love me, when I’ve done something wrong;
To show me by example, and help me learn to choose,
To take those actions every day to win instead of lose.
Just be there when I need you, to tell me it’s all right,
To face my fear of falling when I test my wings in flight;
Don’t make my life too easy, it’s better if I try,
And fail and get back up myself, so I can learn to fly.
If I had two wishes, and only two was the rule,
And they could just be granted, by Halcyon Way School;
I wouldn’t ask for money or any store-bought things,
The greatest gifts I’d ask for are simply Roots and Wings.

(Adapted from Denis Waitley’s poem)

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