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The Local Governing Board has delegated responsibility from Kingfisher Learning Trust for a variety of areas including Teaching and Learning and Pupil Outcomes.  Because Governing Boards have a statutory responsibility to monitor and evaluate the effectiveness of the school and its curriculum, Governors need to know what progress is being made towards objectives set out in the School Improvement  Plan (SIP); visiting classrooms can help to support this process. Ofsted inspections assume that Governors know the strengths and weaknesses of the school.  This depends on Governors assessing performance data presented to them by the Strategic Leadership Team (SLT) in the context of an understanding of what happens in the classroom. It is also important to Ofsted that the Governing Board makes an impact on school improvement, supported by visiting school to see it in operation; being aware of standards and progress are important aspects of this crucial role.

Governors are encouraged to visit school regularly, not to assess standards but to visit lessons in order to:

  • Realise the implementation and effectiveness of the policy framework
  • See what the values and vision look like in practice
  • Appreciate and understand the work of the staff (teachers and support staff) and how the pupils are learning
  • Be aware of the response of pupils to their learning
  • Be aware of resource issues
  • Be able to ask appropriate questions and hold appropriate discussions with the professionals
  • Understand, as fully as possible, the meaning of the results of monitoring reported to them.

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